Steps to make a Worpress themes in the easiest way

1. copy & paste “twentyeleven” theme folder
2. rename the folder. say “lauren”
3. open style.css folder, and change template info from very top of the of the file.
4. take a snap of home page slice using fireShot.
5. replace the “screenshot.png” with your snap
6. Go to  Appearance->Themes from your wordpress admin dashboard
7. Your theme named “lauren” should be in the Available Themes list 🙂

Actually you are done here. your theme is ready to perform.
But the thing is quality assurance.  open the “function.php” file, you will see all the functions are prefixed with the theme name (“twentyeleven”) that we renamed. so we are going to make totally our’s. it’s very easy…

8. Rename “languages/twentyeleven.pot” file to lauren.pot
9. Open all the theme files in your editor, I mean all the files in “lauren” folder, as well as files in the subfolder of the “lauren” folder. (Notepad++ would be good one)
10. Finally, do the Find and Replace operation with your editor. find all the “twentyeleven” and replace with “lauren”.

Your are done.. with functionality, now put your prefered css into style.css, put your home-page content into index.php, design your page template in page.php, play with header.php and footer.php

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