Installing PHP5.4 in WAMP Server

Assuming that you already have installed WAMP server in your localhost.

Now follow the following simple steps.

1) Click on the WAMP icon from your task bar. Go to, Apache->Version. if you see your apache version is 2.2.19 or above, that means your server is compatible with PHP 5.4. if you see you have a lower version then go to Apache->Version-Get More. from there install a newer version of Apache.

2) Download the zipped PHP5.4 VC9 x86 Thread Safe from

3) Extract the zip to your wamp\bin\php\php5.4.0alpha1-VC9

4) From your older PHP versions directory ( ex.     wamp\bin\php\php5.*.*) copy the files named

– php.ini
– phpForApache.ini

and paste them to your new PHP5.4 installation directory

( wamp\bin\php\php5.4.0alpha1-VC9 )

5) Exit the the WAMP server and restart them.

You should see new PHP version (php5.4.0alpha1-VC9) on you wamp list ( PHP->Version )

6) From browser go to http://localhost/?phpinfo=1

At the top, see your PHP version 🙂

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