Magento 2 System Tools

Using bin/magento and Composer is one of the new key features in Magento 2 that will rock
your world.

Here is an overview of all the command-line tools in Magento 2:

root@magento2training:/var/www/html# php bin/magento
Magento CLI version 2.0.2

 command [options] [arguments]

 --help (-h) Display this help message
 --quiet (-q) Do not output any message
 --verbose (-v|vv|vvv) Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
 --version (-V) Display this application version
 --ansi Force ANSI output
 --no-ansi Disable ANSI output
 --no-interaction (-n) Do not ask any interactive question

Available commands:
 help Displays help for a command
 list Lists commands
 admin:user:create Creates an administrator
 admin:user:unlock Unlock Admin Account
 cache:clean Cleans cache type(s)
 cache:disable Disables cache type(s)
 cache:enable Enables cache type(s)
 cache:flush Flushes cache storage used by cache type(s)
 cache:status Checks cache status
 catalog:images:resize Creates resized product images
 cron:run Runs jobs by schedule
 customer:hash:upgrade Upgrade customer's hash according to the latest algorithm
 deploy:mode:set Set application mode.
 deploy:mode:show Displays current application mode.
 dev:source-theme:deploy Collects and publishes source files for theme.
 dev:tests:run Runs tests
 dev:urn-catalog:generate Generates the catalog of URNs to *.xsd mappings for the IDE to highlight xml.
 dev:xml:convert Converts XML file using XSL style sheets
 i18n:collect-phrases Discovers phrases in the codebase
 i18n:pack Saves language package
 i18n:uninstall Uninstalls language packages
 indexer:info Shows allowed Indexers
 indexer:reindex Reindexes Data
 indexer:set-mode Sets index mode type
 indexer:show-mode Shows Index Mode
 indexer:status Shows status of Indexer
 info:adminuri Displays the Magento Admin URI
 info:backups:list Prints list of available backup files
 info:currency:list Displays the list of available currencies
 info:dependencies:show-framework Shows number of dependencies on Magento framework
 info:dependencies:show-modules Shows number of dependencies between modules
 info:dependencies:show-modules-circular Shows number of circular dependencies between modules
 info:language:list Displays the list of available language locales
 info:timezone:list Displays the list of available timezones
 maintenance:allow-ips Sets maintenance mode exempt IPs
 maintenance:disable Disables maintenance mode
 maintenance:enable Enables maintenance mode
 maintenance:status Displays maintenance mode status
 module:disable Disables specified modules
 module:enable Enables specified modules
 module:status Displays status of modules
 module:uninstall Uninstalls modules installed by composer
 sampledata:deploy Deploy sample data modules
 sampledata:remove Remove all sample data packages from composer.json
 sampledata:reset Reset all sample data modules for re-installation
 setup:backup Takes backup of Magento Application code base, media and database
 setup:config:set Creates or modifies the deployment configuration
 setup:cron:run Runs cron job scheduled for setup application
 setup:db-data:upgrade Installs and upgrades data in the DB
 setup:db-schema:upgrade Installs and upgrades the DB schema
 setup:db:status Checks if DB schema or data requires upgrade
 setup:di:compile Generates DI configuration and all non-existing interceptors and factories
 setup:di:compile-multi-tenant Generates all non-existing proxies and factories, and pre-compile class definitions, inheritance information and plugin definitions
 setup:install Installs the Magento application
 setup:performance:generate-fixtures Generates fixtures
 setup:rollback Rolls back Magento Application codebase, media and database
 setup:static-content:deploy Deploys static view files
 setup:store-config:set Installs the store configuration
 setup:uninstall Uninstalls the Magento application
 setup:upgrade Upgrades the Magento application, DB data, and schema
 theme:uninstall Uninstalls theme

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